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Taxes that hit our grocery carts place a larger share of the tax burden on people who can least afford it. They also hurt small businesses and cost jobs. The government should look elsewhere to find funding that doesn’t hurt workers and their families. Join the Coalition to Stop Local Food and Beverage Taxes and support legislation that protects the working families of Pennsylvania and keeps groceries affordable.

Stop Food and Beverage Taxes from Coming to Your Town
Legislation to protect our communities from local government taxing food and beverages advanced out of the House Commerce Committee in the Pennsylvania General Assembly on May 1, 2018. Together, we can urge our elected officials to protect food and beverages from costly taxes that have proven to be economically disastrous for local businesses and families that cannot afford high price increases. We can send a message that government shouldn’t be allowed to tax a basic necessity like food.

To learn more about HB 2241, click here.

Say NO to tax hikes on our foods and beverages. Join the Coalition to Stop Local Food and Beverage Taxes today.